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Cyber-attacks and sanctions

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There was an interesting discussion on Twitter a few days ago, about The Cyber-Attacks (Asset-Freezing) Regulations 2019. The gist of the debate was "did you know about these?!", or whether they had Read more

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

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Yes, I know that, with everything going on in the world, this is hardly a top priority right now. But a report on The Register caught my eye this week, and reminded me I had intended to write about Read more

"Online interface orders": a new injunction against service providers

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Updated 19 May 2020: added a section on DNS blocking The Consumer Protection (Enforcement) (Amendment etc.) Regulations 2020 were published yesterday, and they contain a new injunction which can be Read more

"I can't meet my obligations because of coronavirus"

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Yes, well, it was about time I wrote about coronavirus, I guess. I've been asked a few times "what happens if I can't meet my obligations because of coronavirus", or the opposite, "what happens if my Read more

Is cryptocurrency "property"?

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A shorter than usual blogpost today: Yes. The conclusion that was expressed was that a crypto asset might not be a thing in action on a narrow definition of that term, but that does not mean that it Read more

Book recommendations for 2020, and my favourites from 2019

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I asked on Twitter for some thoughts on books I should be reading this year, and I got a superb response. Here's a list of what was recommended, along with some thoughts of my own, and a list of the Read more