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Do I need to worry about the new Californian privacy law?

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On 1st January 2020, California's new consumer privacy law — cunningly called the "The California Consumer Privacy Act" but known by most as the "CCPA" — came into force. (There's an unofficial, Read more

Brexit: a data protection checklist for UK controllers

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Yes. Well. Brexit. It had to come up at some point, I guess. The UK enjoys a beneficial position, from a data protection point of view, from its membership of the EU. Once we are no longer in the EU, Read more

GDPR: it's not too late

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Although the GDPR took effect in May 2018 — almost two years ago now — gets approached a lot by companies which have heard of it but done nothing or very little. Should they have Read more

Time to change your personal data diet?

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It's the time of year when many people (me included) try to shed off the excesses of Christmas and New Year by eating more healthily. Rather than going on a crash diet, you're encouraged to change Read more

Have you paid your "data protection fee"?

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The Information Commissioner's Office announced earlier this month that it was writing to the directors of every company in the UK, "reminding them of their legal responsibility to pay a data Read more

ICO consultation on the draft right of access guidance

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The UK data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner's Office, is consulting on its guidance on the right of access. This is the mechanism under the data protection framework, by which Read more