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BEREC's updated "net neutrality" guidance

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BEREC has issued updated guidelines on Articles 3 and 4 of the Open Internet regulation (Regulation 2015/2120) — what most people will call the "net neutrality" guidelines. I know, it's like Read more

Draft French law on porn site age verification and site blocking

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You might recall that the Digital Economy Act 2017 contains measures which, if brought into effect, would prohibit porn sites from making content available to people in the UK, unless they have Read more

ISPs, outages, and (automatic?) compensation

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This is probably one of the geekier posts on the blog... I'm writing it because of the rather well-publicised Virgin Media outages earlier this week, which were promptly followed by some customers Read more

Onion services, the "dark net", and the law

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This blogpost looks at legal issues associated with making your web site or other online service available within Tor as an onion service. Tor, and onion services: a very quick primer If you are Read more